About Us

Welcome to Prairie Rubber Paving!

We are a company that was founded with a vision to create meaningful and inclusive spaces for each of our users. We are committed to providing high-quality rubber paving solutions that meet the needs of our clients, while also being environmentally conscious.


Our journey began in the early 2010s, when our founder saw an opportunity to use rubber paving to create safe and accessible spaces for children and adults alike. We recognized that traditional paving materials could be harsh and uncomfortable, particularly for individuals with mobility issues. We wanted to create a better alternative that would be kinder to the environment, last longer, and provide a more comfortable and safe surface for users.

Today, Prairie Rubber Paving is a leader in the rubber paving industry. We have established ourselves as a company that only uses the highest quality manufacturers on the planet. We believe that quality matters, and we only work with suppliers who share our commitment to excellence. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional workmanship, and we stand behind every project we undertake.


One of the things that sets us apart is our commitment to being good stewards of the environment. We believe that it is our responsibility to protect our planet, and we take that responsibility seriously. That’s why we only use synthetic materials for our finished surfaces. Synthetic materials last longer, which means fewer resources are needed for replacement. Additionally, they protect our environment from harmful contaminants that can leach into the soil and water supply.

At Prairie Rubber Paving, we are proud of the work we do. We believe that our commitment to quality, the environment, and our customers sets us apart in the industry. We are passionate about creating safe, comfortable, and inclusive spaces for everyone, and we look forward to continuing to serve our clients for years to come.

Prairie Surfaces

Prairie Rubber Paving has always been committed to providing innovation and optimal performance for its clients. In a desire to fit the needs of more clients we created Prairie Surfaces. Prairie Surfaces specializes in offering products that can handle court recreational surfaces and builds as well as offering aquatic surfaces for these industries. If you are interested in these types of projects we encourage you to check out Prairie Surfaces to learn more about their specialized offerings.


Corey Redstone

Head of Operations
Email: corey@prairierubberpaving.ca

Corey is the founder and leader of Prairie Rubber Paving. He started out installing materials himself and has since transitioned to a full-time office role, much to the delight of his crew chiefs. Since the beginning, Corey has been focused on providing the best products and installations possible. The goal to improve is always top of mind.

Dave Stephens

Operations and Management
Email: stephens@prairierubberpaving.ca

Dave Stephens is a co-owner of Prairie Rubber Paving, a leading rubber paving company in Canada. Dave started out installing rubber driveways while studying civil engineering, and he quickly developed a passion for the industry. After completing his degree, Dave managed the Manitoba branch of Prairie Rubber Paving, where he excelled in innovating and improving the company’s operations and installation procedures. Dave has a keen eye for identifying areas of improvement and finding new products to cater to every project and installation. His constant pursuit of improvement has been vital to the growth of the company, and he is committed to delivering exceptional workmanship and customer service.


We partnered with Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart program after being selected for their inclusive playground initiative. Our expertise has helped expand their inclusive vision to multi-sport courts and splash pads, and we’ve collaborated on numerous projects for the past 5 years.