Prairie Rubber Paving installs a highly durable, U.V. stable, non toxic, ice and slip resistant rubberized surfaces. Our goal is to create completely customizable surfaces with long term safety in mind. Our patented Rubber FX system is made to surpass all industry standards for safety and made to stand the test of time. All Rubber FX systems are tested in accordance with ASTM F-1292 standards for impact attenuation. Our surfaces have been tested to pass all G/Max and HIC values as required by the Canadian Certified Playground Inspects and Registered Playground Practitioner Committees. All of our rubber surfaces are made with premium rubber products to best serve the safety and comfort of our clients for years to enjoy. Our rubber paving is anti-fungal with a class A fire rating.


Playground Checklist:

  • Certified Installation Process
  • Process meets all Canadian Certified Playground Inspectors guidelines
  • Must meet all G/Max and HIC values
  • All products in accordance with ASTM F-1292 Standards
  • Third Party Testing
  • Monitored EPDM and Binder materials used
  • EPDM Top Coat (No recycled material on the surface)
  • Absolutely no dye used in top coat or foreign materials used
  • Fall Height guarantee after first year
  • Layout of installation system
  • Class A Fire rating
  • Non Toxic
  • Under 1% dust content




WORK INCLUDED: Work will include labour, material and equipment required to install Rubber FX.

RELATED WORK: Concrete, crushed base, asphalt, brick and geotextile fabric area additional requirements for Rubber FX installs. Base must be inspected by Rubber FX agent prior to installation.

DELIVERY AND STORGE: Materials must be delivered without damage. Materials must be unopened and handled with care. All resins must be stored above 5 degrees C and no warmer than 34 degrees C.

SCHEDULING: Co-ordinate with the site inspector to ensure materials arrive on time and are protected during the installation process.

WARRANTY: All materials will be installed by a trained Rubber FX installer and guaranteed under the written warranty stated in the contract. Product will be free of defects from inferior materials and workmanship as stated in the contract.

CONTRACTOR: The authorized Rubber FX installer must have a minimum of 5 years experience in the rubber safety surfacing industry to install Rubber FX playgrounds.

TEMPERATURE AND CONDITIONS: The temperature must be above 5 degrees C for the entire period of the installation. Humidity must be monitored as well as moisture to ensure proper bonding and cure time of the project.




Granules – Pure vulcanized EPDM rubber chips ranging in size from 0.5 to 1.5 mm minimum dimension to 1-4 mm maximum dimension. EPDM rubber shall be of the highest quality (German Produced) and UV stable.

Binder – Resin (Chemical Family: Aromatic or Aliphatic binders, Isocyanate). Binder shall be 100% urethane and contain no TDI and not labeled Toxic. Accelerators may be used with aliphatic binders.

Primer – Aromatic or Alipahtic thinned with solvent or solvent free primer.



Shall meet or exceed current ASTM F1292 and CAC/CSA Z-614 for GMAX & HIC testing.



The system should be tested to the following standard.

  • Hardness: ASTM D-2444 94% recovery
  • Water Absorption: ASTM D-530 +6.5%
  • Ultraviolet Resistance: ASTM D-3137
  • Fungal Resistance: no growth
  • Bacterial Resistance: no growth
  • Spread of Flame Resistance: ANSI/UL 790 (ULC=S107) Class A
  • Accelerated: weathering no change after 2000 hours
  • Freeze/ Thaw: no change after 30 days at minus 50 in a 24 hour period




  • When using “A” gravel base, it is recommended to be a minimum of 50mm thick to 100 mm thick once compacted.
  • The base shall be compacted to 95% Proctor density. A slope of 1%-3% is recommended, but not more than 30% for this type of application.
  • It is recommended that the base be covered with a geotextile fabric.


INSTALLATION: SBR (Recycled Rubber Base)

  • Base mat thickness will vary, depending on the fall height compliance required.
  • A crumb rubber/resin base layer shall be mixed in a mechanical mixer with a Aromatic urethane at a ratio of approximately 100/11. Base may range in thickness from 1.5 inches up to 5.5 inches.
  • Materials need to be mixed for a length of time to allow proper coating of all rubber granules with aromatic resin.
  • On installations where there is no retaining border such as concrete curbs or pressure treated timbers, rolled edges or bevels shall be implemented.
  • Let base fully cure.



  • Spread polyurethane binder coat over the entire SBR layer.
  • The selected EPDM colored granules for topcoat should be coated with resin in a mechanical mixer at a resin ratio of approximately 80/20. Topcoat should be troweled out to approximately 3/8 inch thickness. It is recommended that the mixing of the topcoat be carried out with a electric mortar mixer to ensure consistency and assuring complete coverage of each granule.
  • It should be noted that EPDM makes an excellent topcoat as the rubber is colored throughout the entire granule. It is not a black recycled granule mixed with colored urethane coating which will quickly show wear patterns, fading and harden over time.
  • Black recycled granule with colored urethane coating is no longer provided due to the long term health and safety risks incurred.



  • When using either urethane or solvent products, whether during the mixing or application, the wearing of protective gloves is essential. This will protect contact with the skin directly with the above materials. The gloves will be required to be changed regularly throughout the installation and sufficient quantities of same should be allowed for.
  • Should any resin or solvent come into contact with the skin, this should be immediately washed off using suitable detergents and water.
  • When troweling the product it is recommended that rubber kneepads or kneeboards be used.
  • Read all material Safety data Sheets (MSDS) prior to installation. All relevant MSDS sheets should be on site during installation.
  • Local laws and regulations in regards to health & safety should be observed at all times.



  • Erect barricades or caution tape as required preventing inadvertent pedestrian traffic on the finished floor surface for a period of 24-48 hours.
  • On large projects where access to the public is possible, barricades and signs must be implemented around the working area, again to avoid inadvertent traffic. This is more relevant on projects taking more than one day to complete.



Upon completion of work in the section, remove all tools, equipment, unused materials and debris from the site; clean the immediate area.