Why Rubber?

Designed to take on our extreme temperature change and has the strength to stand up for years.

What better way to cover up ugly concrete and asphalt than using the most durable product on the market! Our Rubber FX system is the strongest patented rubber system to guarantee a beautiful job the first time around. Throughout the years rubber has been used on numerous residential and commercial projects all over the prairies. Rubber safety surfacing is the ideal surface for our rapidly changing weather. Our industry leading testing for quality and customer satisfaction makes Prairie Rubber Paving the best place to start planning your next living space. Trust the guys that know our climate the best!

View our “explainer videos” on topics covering what rubber paving is and why to choose it, why we use synthetic rubber, our Rubber FX process and installation, how rubber paving lasts in the prairies, the types of projects you can do with rubber paving, cost, where we operate, and how to reach us! Just select a topic below!

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  • What is rubber paving?
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  • How is rubber paving installed?
  • How does rubber paving last in the prairies?
  • What types of projects can you do with rubber paving?

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Low Impact Installs: Prairie Rubber Paving does not use any heavy equipment for installation. Our installation will not effect any current landscaping.

Prairie Rubber Paving uses rubber product which expands and contracts with the underlying surface. Every project is seamless.

Our rubber product is porous! Water and ice do not collect on the surface so it’s safe to walk on and will drain as it did before!

Has extreme flexibility that is useful for extending surface areas and forming over corroded materials.

Safest driveway and walkway product on the market. Its non-skid surface and drainage ability ensure a non-slip and soft surface for walking and driving on.

Polyurethane is the strongest and most durable adhesive on the market. It has been proven to last since 1992. Our polyurethane has the highest tensile strength possible to ensure we give you the best quality product at the best warranty in the business!

The easiest way to clean the surface of the rubber is with a steady stream of water. The rubber can be pressure washed with no issue to the substrate for an extra strong clean.

In most cases you will only need a stiffer broom or a light duty leaf blower to clean the rubber off and remove dust from the pores of the product.

When the rubber is indoors simply use a vacuum to pick dirt out of the pores and you can simply use a mop cleaner to remove dust from the surface because rubber does not hold water it will breath to allow the underlying surface to dry out.

Like most products our rubber can be damaged and we realize that accidents do happen! The important feature to know is that if you damage rubber or want to add on to previous rubber installations this can all be done very easily.

If you ever manage to affect the rubber or tear it, feel free to contact us and we will fix it at our earliest convenience. Our goal is to give you the best looking product! Our rubber granules never change colour so if you want to add on to previous installs you can have peace of mind knowing our rubber will be consistent start to finish.

Frequent Questions

NO: Our Prairie Rubber Paving product is held strictly by urethane which is as durable as the rubber granules themselves. Cracking is not an issue.

NO: Our products will not need to be resealed from UV exposure or any other outdoor or indoor components.

NO: There will be a small odor when the product is being installed. The odor will leave once the product has cured after 24 hours of being administered.

NOT LONG:  Installation usually takes no longer than a day to be applied. The only exceptions are jobs that are commercial in size.

24 HOURS: You can walk on Prairie Rubber Paving surfaces after it has been sitting for 24 hours. You can drive over these same surfaces after the first 72 hours.

NO: The coloured rubber is coloured all the way through. We can guarantee that the colour will not rub off over time. When product is first applied, it will have a very glossy look but after cure time it will have more of a matte finish will stay.

YES: We know the importance of cleaning your driveways and walking space in our winters! You can snow blow or shovel Prairie Rubber Paving product with no problem.

Winnipeg, MB