How do I get Rubber Paving?

Where does Prairie Rubber Paving operate?

Prairie Rubber Paving operates throughout the prairies. We service all of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Whether you’re a residential client or a commercial client, we are confident we will be more than able to accommodate and accomplish your project goals.

What is the cost of rubber paving?

Typically, our product will be more expensive than asphalt and less expensive than concrete. Our goal is to give you the highest quality synthetic product at the best price.

Our product is not a short-term fix, but rather a long-term way to rejuvenate and enjoy your residential, commercial, playground or water play space – and beyond.

How to get in contact with Prairie Rubber Paving?

Prairie Rubber Paving has different sales managers in each area that we operate. You can find each sales manager on our website at

Each sales manager has extensive experience on planning and installing Prairie Rubber Paving products on a wide variety of projects and surfaces. Through our website, contact us for a FREE estimate – and to see if our company could fit your needs.