What is Rubber Paving?

What is rubber paving?

Our rubber paving is a use of a synthetic rubber mixed with a durable polyurethane binder, to be used in resurfacing existing living spaces or creating brand new safety surfaces for residential projects or commercial uses.

Why synthetic rubber?

High quality synthetic rubber is an important part of our process to ensure the best material bond, color retention and density – we use EPDM rubber on every project.

Our rubber is colored all the way through, and will keep it’s elastically – unlike what you’ll find with a recycled, repurposed project or a tinted binder which will wear off with usage.

What is our Rubber FX Process?

Rubber FX is our fully patented installation system. Rubber FX ensure that our team is experienced in what they do and is using the same quality products on every single job we install.

Every Rubber FX install uses the highest quality EPDM rubber and binders which have been proven and used to last the test of time. If you want to know more visit ‘About Us’ on our website.