Reasons to Choose Rubber Paving

Why choose rubber paving?

Rubber paving is a very economical way to resurface an existing driveway, pool, deck, sidewalk, step – you name it, we can do it. Without having to tear out your existing substrate, we can go right over it with no impact.

Rubber paving is the safety product on the market. We offer a three-year comprehensive warranty and a five-year warranty against cracking – which is the best warranty you can get for any substrate.

Even better yet, we deal directly with the customer for any warranty claims to ensure you are getting looked after.

How is rubber paving installed?

Rubber paving is hand-troughed. We apply a specific binder in order to adhere it to the existing surface and then apply the rubber paving directly to the surface you want covered. It’s one seamless application.

How does rubber paving last in the prairies?

Rubber paving has lasted the test of time extremely well in the prairie climate. Rubber and polyurethane are resistant to UV exposure and is able to handle ground movement with it’s wide range of elastically and durable tensile strength.

What type of projects can you do with rubber paving?

Residentially we are able to do all kinds of different surfaces. We do driveways, pool decks, steps, wooden decks, gyms, and garage floors as well.

Commercially, we take pride in our playground installs, splash pad surfacing, balconies, rinks, pools, town sidewalks – you name it, we can do it.

Every product we install non-slip, non-toxic, contains no latex, and has a class “A” fire rating with low VOC’s. Our product comes in a wide range of color options – and we can accommodate most custom design requests.

See some of our color samples via the rubber paving color tool.